When I first met Marcel I hadn’t lifted a finger in 5 years since having kids. He has been awesome, knowing when to push, when to stop me, always encouraging and a super nice guy.

Loving going to the gym now!


When one year ago I entered the gym and asked the first PT with a smile I could found I had no idea that Marcel would become my personal trainer but also the person who would make me like myself again!

It is not about the numbers, but about the professionalism and dedication Marcel showed, he always believed I could do more, go further, that I could become stronger.
I am now stronger, leaner and more confident, so I totally recommend Marcel as a personal trainer! You will feel the good pain a couple of days after every training and with it a better image and self-esteem!
Marcel rocks!

I have had many personal trainers, all of whom I grew to hate after a month of being pushed to my physical limits. Marcel was different. My time with Marcel has gone way beyond the one-month threshold and I am thoroughly enjoying my training sessions with him. Marcel has helped me achieve my targets which were to build my strength, lose weight and tone up. He is very good at setting the right difficulty level, observing my level of tiredness and making the sessions challenging and yet not beyond my abilities.I am delighted with my progress and I cannot recommend Marcel enough to anyone who wishes to consistently build her strength and sculpt her body.


I’ve been weight training with Marcel for over a year and a half. I had not used weights much prior to my sessions with Marcel, but I’ve seen that it’s never too late to start. I’ve learned a lot at the training sessions. I would recommend Marcel to anyone who would like to start personal training.


I’m an average gym goer who has made significant progress by training with Marcel. He regularly checks my diet and is always friendly, offering training advice even outside our sessions.

My name is Simon and i started to work with Marcel in January 2015 to help me gain confidence with using the equipment in gyms and also gain muscle and size. Over the course of 3 or 4 months I used him he pushed me to my limit and i have reaped the benefits.
He worked with me and showed me how important technique is and showed me lots of ways to work different muscle groups.
I now feel stronger and more confident in myself. I still use marcel to test me and because I can always learn from him. He is great at working with beginners and people who just want to learn more if you are a more accomplished gym goer.
One of the main reasons I love working with him is that he is not afraid to push you and will work you as hard as he can. I always walk out of my sessions with marcel in good pain and the next day is always a struggle! Up to the current day I have just finished working with Marcel and still use him and his wealth of experience.

Best Personal Trainer. Hands up for Marcel. I started going to the gym with goals of loosing weight and building muscle. I was 105kg, and slowly going up. At first I didn’t know the benefits of having a personal trainer and I tried to do it all by myself but with very little results. After I started training with Marcel, 3 times a week and with regular cardio training, I managed to loose 10kg in 1 month. My next goal is to loose another 10kg, which happily I’m already half way through. Thank you Marcel. You’re awesome.